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Marie-Louise Schaernack opens Germany’s first Second Hand Shop in Hamburg and thereby establishes a new trade sector. The concept is convincing. Second hand liberates from fashion dictates, becomes high-quality and a new term for individual luxury. Second hand – but First Class.

Our History - The Second Hand Shop Kunhardtstraße Hamburg 1970



SECONDELLA moves into ABC Street with its first self-developed logo: The bitten apple.

Our History - SECONDELLA - The Second Hand Shop ABC-Straße 1973



Relocation and enlargement to the present location Hohe Bleichen 5. An own electronic inventory management system is introduced. A corporate identity with a new logo is developed and registered as a protected word mark. Shop design and logo are based on the shapes and colours of the artist Kasimir Malevich, the founder of constructivism.

Our History - SECONDELLA Hohe Bleichen Hamburg 1990



A second store is opened next door: The SECONDELLA DEPOT.

Our History - SECONDELLA DEPOT Hohe Bleichen Hamburg Eröffnung 1999



More rooms will be added on the first floor. Here you will find our Receiving Department, the Outlet for Womens- and Menswear and the Kids Designer Corner.

  Our History - 3 Läden - 1 Standort Hohe Bleichen 5 seit 2009

  Our History - 3 Läden - 1 Standort Hohe Bleichen 5 seit 2009

                                                                         3 Stores – 1 Location

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